Chemotherapy clinic

Chemotherapy clinic

  • Materials: packaging translucent wrap, tape, coloured tissue paper, bubble wrap, wooden base

Design proposal in Sarasota, Florida


The Chemotherapy Clinic in Sarasota, Florida, is inspired by the city’s gradient colors (from natural elements i.e. the water and sunset, but also the artificial lights). Further inspired by the idea of playing with the reflection of light on smooth surfaces, which is a key element in the lakes and landscapes around the city. A big aspect of this project is to think about how the placement of coloures and directing natural light can heal a person (the blues and greens as calming coloures, which are also very apparent in the locality; as well as the bright oranges in the city, more suited for children and junior youth), but also the play with colours stimulate curiosity and impose a distractive atmosphere on the patients and their families.